Xbox Series X Officially Launches in November

Xbox Series X Will Officially Launch in November

Microsoft has helpfully announced that their next-generation console – the Xbox Series X – will be released sometime during November. That does mean, however, that the console is not being delayed with the intent to coincide with the release of Halo Infinite  – which, before its own delay to 2021, was supposed to be Xbox’s big first-party game. In turn, this means that other third-party games and Xbox Game Pass will be the selling points for the console upon launch.

Going up against Sony’s PS5, Xbox Series X features some crazy powerful specs. 


Processor 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2-architecture CPU at 3.7GHz-3.8GHz
Graphics AMD Navi/RDNA 2-family GPU with 52 CU at 1.825GHz (12TFLOPS FP32)
Video memory 16GB GDDR6 with 14Gbps 320-bit interface (10GB at 560GBps allocated to GPU, 6GB at 336GBps allocated to rest of system with 3.5GB for GPU)
Storage 1TB NVMe SSD; proprietary 1TB SSD add-on module; USB 3.2 external HDD support
Optical drive 4K Blu-ray
Maximum output resolution 8K
Maximum frame rate 4K/120fps
Audio Ray traced
New controller features Share button, Dynamic Latency Input

The NVMe SSD has been optimized for Xbox, which means there will be virtually no loading screens. The games will load up instantly. 

In a statement by Microsoft aiming to reassure fans, they have promised that there will be thousands of games to play, spanning four generations, when Xbox Series X launches globally this November and over 100 optimized for Xbox Series X titles, built to take full advantage of our most powerful console, are planned for this year.”

Coming to the Xbox Series X this year will be Gears Tactics, which was exclusively launched on PC in April. Several third-party games will also be available, complete with next-gen upgrades. Though, it will be at least a few years until we start seeing Xbox Series X exclusive games, as Microsoft intends to support the Xbox One through the latter’s launch.

There has not yet been an announcement detailing a specific release date, or the actual price of the Xbox Series X – which is the question on everybody’s lips. Critiques suggest that Microsoft is waiting for Sony to unveil the price and release date of their upcoming consoles, and then release the Xbox Series X before PS5 at a comparatively cheaper price. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Sony is doing the same thing as well as the company has released neither the released date nor the price of their upcoming console. 

There has been a new leak that could suggest the price of Xbox Series X and next-gen consoles. Pringles, the crisp makers out of all the companies, have leaked the price of Xbox Series X in promo detail. The leak was spotted in South Africa, where the console was listed for 13,500 South African Rand, which comes out to be $815. The leaker was unsure if the price included taxes or not.  Critical Hit argues that because this translates to £611, it could be pointing towards something like a £599 price in the UK, and about 700 US Dollars. 

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