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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (often abbreviated as Fall Guys) is a multiplayer online obstacle course game that takes inspiration from the popular Japanese gameshow Takeshi’s Castle. You play as a bean-like character attempting to endure a series of difficulties for as long as possible. Your character seems a little dopey to control and bounces around like a ragdoll when hit, thanks to the game’s wacky physics. As you compete to be the last challenger standing, the game incorporates aspects of the battle royale genre. Unlike other battle royale games like Fortnite or PUBG, though, you don’t aim to remove individual opponents and siphon off their resources in order to increase your own chances of winning. The game was released for PC and PlayStation 4 on August 4, 2020. It’s not accessible on any other platforms right now. If you want to play Fall Guys on a PC, the minimum required system specifications to play are:

  • An Intel Core i5 or AMD equivalent CPU.
  • 8 GB of RAM.
  • 2048 MB of Dedicated Video RAM
  • A Windows 10 64bit Operating System.
  • At least an NVIDIA GTX 660 or a AMD Radeon HD 7950 graphics card.
  • Pixel Shader 5.0.
  • 2 GB of disk space.


When you first start Fall Guys, you’ll be given a little lesson on how to play. The controls are simple: you may jump, dive, and grab other players in addition to manipulating your character and camera.

On the main screen, select Play to join a queue for a match. Each match begins with 60 characters and gradually reduces the number of players by removing them through a series of minigames. Your goal is to win the final minigame and be the last player standing. There are five rounds of games in each match. If you’re eliminated at any time, you can either stay and watch to see who wins, or you can exit and try again for the top spot. You’ll also earn credits while you play, which you may exchange for cosmetic items. Winning gives you crowns, which you may use to purchase various items in the shop.

Momentum is a big part of the game’s physics. Your Fall guy is a stumpy little guy with small stumpy legs and a fat stomach. The poor little guy isn’t getting much of a break, and for what it’s worth, and the PhysX engine will apply your existing momentum to your jump. There is, however, a small trick you can use. You can acquire some elevation and vary the direction of your jump by jumping and then diving in a different direction.

Short cuts aren’t always the quick route to #1 that you would expect. Depending on your timing or the sheer number of people crowded into the space, it may be more convenient to simply take the longer path. The most obvious example is the whirling fan on Dizzy Heights. While you may believe it will give you more time off your run, you are more likely to be launched off and thrown into the ocean. Choosing one of the other two options will almost always result in failure.

The dive, like jumping, is another fundamental skill that is often overlooked. The most obvious application is to go for that photo-finish moment as you sprint across the finish line ahead of your competitors. Dives can also be used to jump over swarms of people to get an edge in levels like Door Dash, or to rapidly move away from irate competitors who are trying to spoil your day. To get an advantage, combine jumping with diving. The diving tactic is great for knocking the large football about and scoring those vital points in games like Fall Ball and Rock ‘N’ Roll.

It takes a lot of hands to do a lot of work. For better or worse, Fall Guys includes more than a half-dozen team games in which you will be divided into different groups based on color and forced to work together to advance. It’s much smarter to work in packs and coordinate together for this level, rather than betraying one another in the next round, as tempting as it is to lone wolf the experience.

Character Customization

In the menu of the game, you have access to an option to customize your character to your liking. Character color, pattern, face, and emotes. There is even an option to customize the upper and lower halves of your character. This makes for some very colorful and unique character looks and it can be pretty visually stimulating, particularly seeing how the game itself has an emphasis on bright, wonderful colors.

You can purchase these cosmetics using real-world and in-game currency (Kudos or Crowns) from the game’s shop. While regular items last for 24 hours in the shop, featured items last for 72 hours before they are replaced with a new set of items. The in-game currency, Kudos, can either be earned or bought.

Not every cosmetic item can be bought with Kudos or real-life currency, however. Some items can only be purchased with Crowns, which can only be attained by winning games and through season rewards.

Character customizations can also be unlocked based on seasons, and each season brings with it a whole slew of new customization options and skins. During the course of playing the game all season long, you accrue Fame, a special experience point system, which subsequently unlocks new colors, outfits, patterns and faces. These items usually become unavailable at the end of the season.

Maps and Levels

Fall Guys has 43 different levels divided into four categories: Race, Survival, Team, and Final. Depending on the number of players, each game (in the main playlist) begins with a Race level before moving on to other Races, Survival, or Team games. The last round is always one of the championship games, in which only one individual can be named champion.

In Racing levels, the rules are simple: everyone competes to be the first to cross the goal line. To keep going, you’ll need to finish near the front of the pack. The majority of the racing games are big, so they usually are used early on in the game when there are still a lot of people playing.

You must stay alive in Survival modes as the challenge becomes more dangerous. The round concludes when a certain amount of time has passed or a certain number of players have been eliminated.

You’ll split up into groups and work together for a round in team games. At the end of the round, everyone on the last-place team is eliminated. They can appear with a large number of players or only a few, depending on the size of the team game.

If you make it to the last round of a game marked as Final, you’re only one round away from winning a game of Fall Guys. Just keep your cool now, because these rounds only have one winner.


With over 20 different minigames with more on the way, Fall Guys has too many to cover individually here, Instead, we’ll go over some of the most popular minigames and give you some pointers on how to succeed.


In this minigame, the number of individuals in front of you will have a significant impact on your experience on the seesaw. The further you fall behind, the more difficult it will be to maintain the bridge’s equilibrium, since most people would crowd towards one side, rendering it impassable. If you stay one step ahead of everyone else, you’ll have an easy time. Only leap on a skewed platform if it isn’t too far off-kilter. In most cases, doing so will cause you to slowly drift away to your fate. Effectively time your jumps!

The best way to predict which way the seesaw will tilt is to suppose that the crowd will move in a pattern of left/right/left/right, etc. If you get stuck behind, you’ll be able to timing your jump to coincide with the other side’s. As long as you aren’t too far behind, you should be able to hop up onto the seesaw. 

Block party

You’ll want to stand towards the front so you can see what’s coming. Avoid getting trapped at the extreme margins, as you’ll be hard pressed to make it in time if an opening appears at the other end.

The path will change to a solid block with little grips coming through as the countdown approaches its end. Other players, as is customary at this time, will be the most dangerous threat to your existence. When the tunnel becomes available, make sure you don’t get caught up in the mosh. If at all feasible, hop directly over the horde. When you notice the different block forms approaching, sprint forward or backwards as needed to ensure you have enough space to complete them without being rag-dolled. Also, keep an eye out for the cage blocks! 

Tip Toe

This is one map where some ability is required to qualify. Because the qualifying group is usually around ten people, you’ll need to cross the finish line quickly once everyone realizes they’re on the right track. A normal Tip Toe game will usually follow a similar pattern. Everyone will rush forward at first, flinging themselves onto the first block in front of them. Everyone will usually die fast, and just a few access points will be uncovered. People will start hugging the path to avoid being pushed off. Fighting will almost always push the stragglers into the shaky tiles. As a result, the path will gradually be discovered via the blood of irresponsible gamers.

The key to getting through is to constantly be near the front of the crowd, rather than in the middle. Keep a safe distance from the scuffles, as players will usually discover a path and race to the finish line after around two-thirds of the game. You don’t want to be caught in the starting zone pulling your pants up again and lose the game. Instead, keep one tile behind the mob so they don’t notice you, then another tile behind them as they locate the road for you. Run forward as soon as you see the opening. The only thing you’ll have to deal with is a stampede of other players who are also trying to get there.

You’ll go through as long as you’re quick on the mark, because there aren’t usually enough individuals in the tile mob rush to disqualify you right away; you’ll also have a split second to get there.

Tail Tag

Remember that it doesn’t matter how long you hold a tail for at the conclusion of the round; all that matters is that you have one when the timer hits zero. This implies that if you really want to, you can just relax and mess around for the first two-thirds of the game.

Your main goal once you’ve obtained your tail will be to keep it. The only way to accomplish this safely is to keep away from anyone without a tail. You can either stay in the middle and hope that the spinning hammers keep everyone away, or you can travel to the furthest extremities of the map. While the former is unquestionably easier, you leave yourself vulnerable to someone sneaking into the zone and taking your tail.

Dizzy Heights

Keep to the outside of the wheels and keep a safe distance from huge groups of people as they spin. This reduces the likelihood of colliding with someone and being knocked down. Don’t try to move against the current; instead, follow the arrows.

Make every effort to avoid getting caught between huge clusters of bodies and a ball, as the crush of players will almost certainly result in you being crushed by both. If remaining out of the way means taking your time in the safe zones, don’t stress about it. You have time on your side!

Remember to use the balls to jump from the ramp onto the third stage; else, you’ll fall off the gap and waste valuable seconds! Go with the flow of directional floors and avoid the RNG of the balls, as previously said; if you are knocked over, the floor will likely keep you rolling for a few more seconds.

Hit Parade

The number of players sprinting alongside you determines the first obstacle of revolving cylinders. You’ll be catapulted down if one rogue player jumps at the wrong time. But don’t be concerned! You won’t lose much time, and the fall will only cost you 3-4 seconds on average. To avoid this, make sure you’re the only one on your spinning platform, or let the others go first.

Do not break off when pushing against the rotating gates, despite what many people tell you. Lean toward them, following the flow of a huge group of players.

This will get you through much faster than otherwise, and it will reduce the chances of you bumping into a door that is being pushed open from the other side. It’s far easier to choose one of them than it is to try to get through the middle when there’s a swarm of players all trying to do the same thing.

It’s not difficult to avoid the pendulums, and they normally only happen if you’ve been caught and suicidally pulled into their path. Simply time your route based on the shadow cast by the pendulum.

Because none of the moving objects can touch you on the last hill, all you have to do is stay to the side. Alternatively, if you need a boost, try going backwards slightly and bumping into the directional posts, which will propel you forward a few meters.

Perfect Match

Two fruits will be in the first set, four in the second, and five in the third. Just keep track of the current set and you’ll be okay. This is a simple one because you can always rely on it. Also, try not to get knocked off by other players on the same square.

Tips and Tricks

Don’t rush in

Now I know this sounds counterintuitive, particularly when you in fact want to be the first to cross the finish line. Waiting behind the first wave of players is, in fact, arguably the smartest move you can make.

In Fall Guys, a lot of the obstacle courses are trial and error. In one course, you might be required to walk over tiles to see which ones collapse, while in another, you might be required to jump into doors to see which ones open to reveal the road forward. Falling through a fallen tile or crashing headfirst into a slammed door loses valuable seconds. Allowing others to do the work for you is what you want to do. Stay behind to figure out where you’re going wrong.

For example, a key way to win at Big Fans is to take your time, especially at the beginning when the crowds are very dense. It’s possible to race around the central spoke or jump from platform to platform on the same fan, but it’s frequently easier to just wait and go with the rotation — just watch out for other players trying to push you off. It’s easiest to concentrate on just jumping over the bar when the spinning beams are involved, though if you’re feeling confident, you can clear it while also switching platforms.

Don’t get too close to other players

We understand that saying this is easier than doing it. With 60 players in a small space, things may get a little hectic, and even though the weak are weeded out one by one, the first few courses are always tumultuous. You will tumble down or be knocked back if you collide with other players. This is something you should strive to prevent, so keep a safe distance from other players.

If you approach too close, players may grab you and prevent you from continuing, which is something you don’t want to happen.

Don’t get too comfortable when you’re leading

This is something you’ll hear in practically every competitive game or sport, but I’ll say it again: don’t get complacent. Because they grew too complacent approaching the finish line, the greatest of the best have seen their leads evaporate. I’ve had multiple games in Fall Guys when I had a comfortable lead over the other players and then made a series of stupid mistakes near the finish of the course. Keep your head in the game because this could easily lead to your elimination.

Keep track of your jumps.

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush to reach your goal, but there are alternative options that you shouldn’t overlook. The first step is to jump. A well-timed jump can help you get to the front of a crowd, get away from the newcomer in front of you, or bring you over the finish line moments before you’d be disqualified otherwise.

Don’t forget to grab.

If you want to climb over barriers or onto ramps, you’ll need to learn the move of grabbing. The timing can be tough, but if you keep trying, you’ll get it. You can even grab other players’ soccer balls to prevent them from snatching yours (or rob them of their tail in some game modes).

Bonus: If you “hug” another player while they’re grabbing you, you’ll earn an award.

Recognize when it’s necessary to dive.

This game’s wacky physics are funny. You’ll notice that you can quickly gain velocity, which can make it difficult to navigate some obstacles. This is where scuba diving comes in handy. According to WIRED photo editor Phuc Pham, the game should be called Dive Guys. If there’s one maneuver you should have in your repertoire, it’s diving to save your life.

Diving is also useful for avoiding impediments such as swinging axes or fan blades. You can throw your body forward if you time it just so, just missing the element that would have thrown you into oblivion. Diving also speeds up the descent of slime-covered hills. So go ahead, dive!

Falling can also be beneficial.

A well-timed fall or dive might sometimes get you closer to your goal than running could. This is especially true in minigames involving racing. Falling is unavoidable, but if you do it on purpose, the game’s elements may hurl you around so much that you finish up way ahead of where you wanted to be. If you’re not sure, try falling.

Go with the flow.

Are you unsure where to go? Are you trying out a new game? It’s a good idea to stick with the rest of your bean-mates in these situations. It’s a safe bet to do what they’re doing, or at least check it out, if everyone seems to be running in the same way. Going rogue may not be a good idea unless you know exactly what you’re doing.

However, you should also slow down.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hectic pace of other players in games like Fall Guys. This is how you get stuck in a loop, where you keep running into the same problems while your chances of qualifying dwindle by the second. Try slowing down.

Some other helpful tips are:

  • Combine practice jumps with a forward dive. This combination will help you avoid greater chasms in a variety of scenarios.
  • You can learn new action techniques or movement combinations by watching other players. Even if you were eliminated, the Spectate option is always available after you finish a round.
  • In some games, you should try to let other players decide how to get to the target. In round-based races, traveling as a group leader is not always a good option.
  • In team-based games, try to split up roles and responsibilities. Such task management may be easier to attain if you begin playing games with your pals and speak frequently.
  • 9.6Total Score

    Chaotic and visually enjoyable, this battle royale-style game combines the intense gameplay you may find in titles such as Fortnite with the fun of a simple party game.

    • Graphics
    • Technical Quality
    • Gameplay
    • Engaging Challenges
    • Addictive & Fun
    • THE GOOD
      • New challenges are added each season
      • Chaotic and intense gameplay
      • Squad Mode allows you to hone your teamwork skills
      • Overall a simple, super fun game to play
    • THE BAD
      • Legibility issues, it may be hard to follow your party
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