Minecraft cheats and tricks

Minecraft cheats

To make the best out of playing Minecraft and to fittingly customize your world in the game, we have prepared these cheat commands for you. Just when you thought that Minecraft has limited ways of navigation, these Minecraft console commands will help you have control over the game itself. With these, you can teleport into another location, control other servers, modify time and weather, and do much more. Keep in mind that these might get you banned from playing the game so be extra careful in applying these commands!

First things first, it is important to note that these Minecraft cheats will only be achieved by the input of commands which are comprised of shortcodes and phrases. If you are a beginner planning to create a new Minecraft world, you just need to click ‘Yes’ when you are asked whether or not to allow in-game cheats. After choosing ‘Yes’, you will now see the command bar where you will be prompted to put all the command and cheats you want to perform while playing. This command bar will show up whenever you press the C button on your console.

To begin

Keep in mind that all commands should start with a slash forward key (/). Commands without this at the beginning will be considered invalid and will always result to error.

Enough with the lengthy reminders—here are the Minecraft console commands you need to create your dream Minecraft world!

Select specific targets for your commands without typing their specific in-game name:

  • @p – player nearest to you 
  • @r – a random player
  • @a – all players in the world
  • @e – all entities in the world
  • @s – character who performed the command (you)

Commands list


  • Gives information on a particular command. This is also where you can find all the console commands


  • Used to teleport yourself or another player into a different location in the world. By using this you can also be teleported in other worlds


  • Kills your character or another character you specified after the command

/loot <target> <source>

  • Drops items from the inventory into the ground

/weather <type>

  • Enables you to pick a specific weather or world. Weather types to choose from are: rain, thunder and snow.

/gamemode creative

  • Turns the game mode to Creative mode, which allows players to easily create, build, or destroy structures with unlimited resources of blocks. Creative mode also stops the attacks from mobs.

/gamemode survival

  • Turns the gamemode to Survival mode, which means battles will continue and you have to gather resources to survive and complete the game.

/timeset <number code>

  • With this, you can change and adjust the time to your preference. The number codes are as follows:
    • 1000 – day 
    • 0 – dawn
    • 6000 – midday 
    • 12000 – dusk
    • 18000 – night

/difficulty <mode>

  • This allows you to change the difficulty of the game. You can input the options: “peaceful”, “easy”, “normal”, and “hard.”


  • Convenes a particular creature or object into your world.


  • Raises the sea levels over your entire world resulting in a submerged setting.


  • Allows you to stop your opponents/the mobs from attacking you by stopping their movement.


  • With this, you can remove or enable injury caused by falling.


  • With this, you can remove or enable water-caused injury.


  • With this, you can remove or enable fire injury.


  • Replicates and drops the item pile that you have decked out.


  • Collects and keeps all inventory items into a singular chest which becomes accessible every time it is needed.


  • Develops a seed instantly into a fully sprouted plant.


  • With just one click, you can mine any block with anything you have as a tool.

Commands list


  • Transforms any creature into a mount that your character can ride and control.

These are the most updated and useful commands that will allow you to improve and crank up your gameplay. Surely, you will enjoy Minecraft more now that you know these helpful commands!

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